You can try and find them elsewhere, but good luck!

Buffalo and surrounding Western New York is a great place to do a lot of great things -- raise a family, start a business, farm or whatever it is that you want to do. The products that come out of this great region are beloved to every Western New Yorker. And so, without further adieu....

15 Things You Can Only Find in Buffalo (and surrounding WNY):

1.) Anchor Bar

The highly debated who started “Chicken Wings” starts right here. Now we like to say that chicken’s actually started the whole “Chicken Wing” thing because without them and their wings we would kind of be eating some other part of some other animal, fried and slathered in sauce....And that just doesn't sound as amazing!

2.) Duff’s

Who else could have started the Chicken Wing? Well that would be Duff’s. Even though all of the books and internet lore known as Wikipedia say it was Anchor Bar (and we are not arguing because we already revealed our position on it) Duff’s might tell you they started the Chicken Wing phenomenon or maybe that they just perfected it. Votes are still up in the air from what we hear.

3.) Chiavetta’s

Chances are you have had their catering before and chances are you loved every swallow of it. Maybe you have tried their BBQ Takeout in Lockport. Wherever or however you have tried this meat, right here is the only place you can get it. Take that NYC!

4.) Chef’s

If you want Italian in Buffalo…it’s not too hard to find. If you want world famous sauce, it is also not too hard to find. If you say Olive Garden, you will be promptly told to leave whatever party you are at and they will end up at Chef’s because once you start talking about Chef's it seems like you can't not go there. Enjoying the tasty food and pictures on the walls at Chef’s has been and always will be Buffalo proud.

5.) Darien Lake Theme Park

Sure there are theme parks everywhere but where can you enjoy the rides and a summer concert all at the same time? That’s right -- Darien Lake. It’s all ours and we’ll take it.

6.) Crystal Beach Park

In case Darien Lake isn’t enough for you, cross the border and go to one of Canada’s best theme parks right outside of Fort Erie. Can’t say we have been to this one, but we’d try it for sure. Who doesn’t like eating untill you are stuffed and then going on rollercoasters?

7.) Loganberry

On the Crystal Beach Park note, we also have Loganberry making the list. With loganberries themselves actually being grown in California, this sweeter than sweet drink is a staple in WNY culture as well as parts of Canada. Made famous at Crystal Beach Park, Loganberry can be found at most places around WNY today.

8.) DiCamillo Baked Goods

Want Biscotti just like Grandma used to make it? Well then call her up and tell her to make some. If you can’t, however, DiCamillo’s is as good as it gets and made right here in WNY.

9.) Weber’s Mustards & Relishes

Part of the Heinz family, Weber’s is a Buffalo tradition that has remained a staple of Buffalo for a long time.  So next time you head for that ”yellow bottle” remember where you came from and the blood, sweat and tears that have gone into Weber’s. Okay, it’s still FDA approved so not actually blood, sweat and tears, but you get the point.

10.) Watson’s Sponge Candy

We said sponge candy… not sea foam…there is a big difference and we know the better of the two. Sponge candy can be found a lot of places around WNY. Watson’s is some of the best ever though.

11.) Butter Lamb

We still one every year and leaves it out to watch it melt because no family ever comes to see us. This, however, is a Buffalo/WNY staple to have on the dinner table around Easter. We always thought  a butter lamb was what the Easter Bunny rode around town on, but we were way wrong.

12.) Garbage Plate

Start with potatoes, add some slaw, maybe a macaroni salad, some red hots or white hots, sausage, hamburger or chicken tenders, cheese, top it with some onions and some mustard and you have a Garbage Plate. Made famous mostly in Rochester but loved by many Western New Yorkers.

13.) Chicken Finger Subs

Instead of eating your fingers one by one, throw them on a sub and eat it all together. Most of the world is missing out on this one.

14.) Pellicano's

It is truly a place like no other. Pellicano’s is an authentic Italian market as well as an umbrella company for some WNY staples like Yancy’s Fancy Cheese, Bellino, Ferrara and the Just Pizza products.

15.) Niagara Falls

We thought 14 was a stupid number and needed one more thing. This is what we thought of… it’s very cliché but very Buffalo and WNY because…let’s face it, it’s not moving anytime soon and we are so close.


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