If you didn’t know, which most people don’t, I am not from Buffalo originally.

I have been here for 2 years now and it has been wonderful every way I could slice it. This town has so many great things to offer everyone whether you are visiting or live here already. With the recent boom in our town it’s only getting better and there is so much to offer. You may however miss a lot of the little things that makes Buffalo so great if you are just visiting. So this is my Top 12 Reasons to Move to Buffalo… cause if anybody knows it’s someone who hasn’t been here their whole life.


The People
I am originally from Minnesota, there is a cliché’ there of being “Minnesota Nice” which pretty much is a version of Canadian Hospitality. However, I have never encountered more wonderful people than right here in Buffalo. They are typically super nice (we all know everyone has their days) and always willing to lend a hand whether it is getting you unstuck from a snow bank, helping you shovel your driveway, having a rager of a night or just simply smiling and saying hello. Buffalo truly is The City of Good Neighbors and when you move to a new place (at least for me) your neighbors say a lot about what you are moving into.

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The Chicken Wings
I loved Chicken wings before I even moved here and that love has only increased tenfold. It’s actually spoiled me a little. Last time I visited back home I ordered “Buffalo” Wings from a pizza place and let’s just say calling them “Buffalo” wings was putting a huge shame on being a now proud Buffalonian. No matter where you get them from Duff’s, Anchor, Cobblestone, Mitchell’s, 716 or even the closest corner store to your place. They will most likely always be the hottest most crispiest wings ever and come with wonderfully creamy Blue Cheese to dip. The wings here are truly a slice of Buffalo heaven. It surprising how fast you can tell someone isn’t from Buffalo just by how they order their wings.

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The Football
I think this one goes without saying but I needed 12 things so it is on the list. If you love football you’ll fit in quite nice in Buffalo. Even if you don’t route for The Bill’s (although you should at least say you are a Bill’s “Fan” to avoid unnecessary badgering) I thought Minnesotan’s were crazy about their Vikings until I moved here and realized that Buffalo is in the same boat. Been to 4 Superbowls and couldn’t bring home the title. Had our fair share of heartbreak coming from just 1 kick that would have changed everything. The only thing that Buffalo has that no other place in America has for their football team is a superbly unmatched passion. If I had to sum this list up to one thing. Passion would be it. The passion in Buffalo for everything Buffalonian is unreal.

The Tailgating
Even if you don’t want to go to the game, or even if you aren’t really a football fan. The  Tailgates are a non-stop party that you can attend every time the Bill’s paly at Ralph Wilson Stadium as well as every concert at Darien Lake it’s not just for football. Tailgating is Buffalo’s Life Force in a way. It brings people tons of people together to drink, eat, party and be marry providing a perfectly awesome community feeling.

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The Beef on Weck
A Buffalo list wouldn’t be complete without this savory item. When you live in Buffalo you can have it whenever you want to and it is widely available. Roast beef on a kummelweck roll smothered in au jus and horseradish. Some people would move to Buffalo for just this alone.

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The History
You can’t really look anywhere in Buffalo without seeing something historic. Wether it’s the Buildings of Downtown Buffalo, Erie Canal, Grain Elevators. It was also the spot where the Undeerground Railroad would cross people into Fort Erie, Canada. Once a massively booming rust belt town, Buffalo still has some of the richest history around. Millard Fillmore lived here, Grover Cleveland lived here and was even the mayor, William McKinley was shot here and Theodor Roosevelt was sworn in here after McKinley’s death. It also has a very rich Native, Italian, Polish and Irish culture. History is something that makes Buffalo what it is and you can always learn something new, even if you have lived here for years.

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The Sights
Canalside, Outer harbor, Lake Erie and Niagara Falls just to name a few; There is nothing like enjoying a sunset or sunrise in this beautiful city. Though it may be a smaller city compared to NYC or L.A I feel like the openness of it makes for amazing angles and sights you just can’t see anywhere else.

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The Sounds

The music in Buffalo is on point. There are a ton of local artists, cover bands, polka groups you name it an Buffalo probably has a sound for it. Goo Goo Dolls rocked the world with their Buffalo sound as well as Rick James, Lance Diamond, Every Time I Die all put Buffalo on the musical map in a different way. There is always a concert, a show, live music, a DJ and tons of other ways to enjoy music in this city. Not to mention some of the best radio stations around like… say…. JACK FM?

The Food In General
So I hit on Wings and I hit on Beef on Weck… surprisingly I still have neither of their numbers (get it because I “hit on them”… never mind) Picking just those 2 is glossing over all the other great food that is here. Every place here has their own niche’ has their own item has their own flavor. Nowhere else can you get Jim’s Steakout at 4am… no other place really has chicken finger subs… or stingers. Sponge candy, Loganberry Soda… The numerous food trucks… the list goes on. There is always something new and something amazing to put in your mouth in Buffalo.

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The Hockey
Not just the Sabres either. While yes taking in a Sabres game is fun. We live across the canal from Canada we are bound to have a huge hockey culture. I played hockey for about 7/8 years and it’s great to be in a place where there are skating rinks, pick up ponds, everything a hockey lover could ever want. Yeah you can watch Hockey in L.A but can you play it outdoors in the winter… nope! Can you play it outdoors at all? Not really… unless you intend on going swimming.

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The Architecture
Frank Lloyd Wright has 7 landmarks in the Buffalo region and there are more architects like Richard Upjohn, Stanford White, Lord & Burnham and Charles Atwood just to name a few. The Rand Building, City Hall, The Liberty building everywhere you look you will see something original that has been here for years and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Just like everything else in Buffalo it’s only getting better.

  • The Job Market
    Buffalo is booming there is no doubt about it. New businesses are opening, new construction is happening, tech booms and you name it; there is always a need for employees no matter where you go in Buffalo and surrounding WNY. This region has a lot to offer and you could live in Buffalo and work in Niagara Falls… or East Aroura any place you could work, live and play is only about 20 minutes away in Buffalo. Everybody thinks because we are small that there is not a lot here but that is not the truth. We have grown over the years and continue to grow. With growth there are jobs to be had… all you have to do is go get them.
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    So in summary… Passion… Passion is the number 1 reason to move to Buffalo. It shows in everything that we do; our art, our music, our buildings, our sports, our streets, our culture, our parties and our people. If you are looking to live somewhere where you can think creatively and maybe do things a little bit different than everyone else in America; Buffalo is the place for you. Just let me know when you get here so we can grab a beer and get down on some wings.