If you didn’t know, which most people don’t, I am not from Buffalo originally.

I have been here for 2 years now and it has been wonderful every way I could slice it. This town has so many great things to offer everyone whether you are visiting or live here already. With the recent boom in our town it’s only getting better and there is so much to offer. You may however miss a lot of the little things that makes Buffalo so great if you are just visiting. So this is my Top 12 Reasons to Move to Buffalo… cause if anybody knows it’s someone who hasn’t been here their whole life.


The People
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The Chicken Wings
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The Football
The Tailgating
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The Beef on Weck
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The History
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The Sights
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The Sounds
The Food In General
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The Hockey
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The Architecture
  • The Job Market
    Buffalo is booming there is no doubt about it. New businesses are opening, new construction is happening, tech booms and you name it; there is always a need for employees no matter where you go in Buffalo and surrounding WNY. This region has a lot to offer and you could live in Buffalo and work in Niagara Falls… or East Aroura any place you could work, live and play is only about 20 minutes away in Buffalo. Everybody thinks because we are small that there is not a lot here but that is not the truth. We have grown over the years and continue to grow. With growth there are jobs to be had… all you have to do is go get them.
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    So in summary… Passion… Passion is the number 1 reason to move to Buffalo. It shows in everything that we do; our art, our music, our buildings, our sports, our streets, our culture, our parties and our people. If you are looking to live somewhere where you can think creatively and maybe do things a little bit different than everyone else in America; Buffalo is the place for you. Just let me know when you get here so we can grab a beer and get down on some wings.