Many of your favorite rappers feel untouchable once they hit the height of their careers, just ask 2Pac. With all of the power, fame, money and fans' support they receive while in the spotlight, it's hard to imagine them falling from stardom. However, when they slip, they crash hard. Just a few wrong moves and their lives can be changed forever once they meet the legal system. From wild tempers to trigger-happy actions, their freedom is cut short in a blink of an eye -- and perhaps for the rest of their lives.

A trip down hip-hop's memory lane proves that more than a few MCs have had their fair share of career lows. While some rappers like Snoop Dogg have actually bounced back from major setbacks, others such as G. Dep find themselves facing the consequences for their actions years later. Some have landed in jail for a few months while others did time for a few years. Then there are rhymers who can't shake legal woes and find themselves right back in the slammer time and time again. We like to see rappers with crime-free resumes but that tends to be wishful thinking in certain cases. Let this be a lesson for those following down the path of incarceration. Check out 10 Rappers' Lowest Career Moments.

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