We're far away from Halloween, but let's be honest, ghosts and spirits often make their presence felt year-round.

Western New York is no stranger to ghost stories or supposedly haunted places. Whether they are old buildings with a deep and rich history or something spooky on its own such as a cemetery, the spirits of ghosts can haunt many different places in a given area and that's no different with Buffalo and Western New York.

There has even been ghost hunter and paranormal activity shows that have paid Western New York a visit over the years and some of the places they have visited has lived up to their expectations. Spooky feelings. Disembodied voices. Unexplained footsteps. Swinging of doors. The things you can't explain usually happen at these long-thought haunted places in Western New York.

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Some are in the City of Buffalo, while others are east and north of the city; but they all share a common bond in hauntings. We thank Step Out Buffalo, WGRZ, and Only in Your State for the backstories on these incredible places.

Here are the most haunted places in Western New York.

10 Most Haunted Places In Western New York

Check out 10 of the most haunted places in Western New York.

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