It's mid-September and the weather is very slowly starting to show signs of cooler weather. We are just over two weeks away from October. That means that "spooky season" is just around the corner and if you love getting scared, you're in the right state.

New York is full of haunted buildings, complexes, and cemeteries. From Long Island to Buffalo, the list of haunting places is long. It also helps that the weather is picture-perfect in New York State for October. The fall foliage and crisp air put people into the "spooky" spirit.

Here in Buffalo, there are quite a few places that are rumored to be haunted. They're due to stories of murder, tragedy, and corruption. The settings also help these stories. Abandoned buildings. Neglected complexes and property. Hauntings usually happen (if you believe in ghosts that is) at these sorts of places.

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Do I believe in ghosts? Maybe -- I'm not entirely sure if I'm being honest. I do know that the accounts of these voices, moving objects and eerie feelings are plentiful and those who have gone through these places swear by the stories they tell. It's the fact these stories have lasted so long -- that's what gives them a legend.

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