Every city likes to lay claim to its most famous residents.  When someone makes it big it’s usually celebrated by that person’s hometown, or in some cases their adopted hometown.  Here in Buffalo, we are no different.

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We all know about the usual suspects when it comes to Buffalo celebrities.  The Goo Goo Dolls, with their nineteen top-ten singles, are probably the most famous when it comes to the rock world.  Tim Russert spent sixteen years as the moderator on Meet the Press and is the resident newsie from the City of Good Neighbors.  Brian McKnight, with his platinum-selling “Back at One” is the king of Buffalo Rn’B.

But there are tons of other famous people from Buffalo or who spent time living in Buffalo, that you may not know about. From famous authors to actors that you’ve seen on the big screen, to athletes, Buffalo has a lot more famous folks who spent some of their lives here.  Some were even born in Buffalo

Here’s a look at some folks that you may not know, at one time called Buffalo home.

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