There are a lot of people who face an enormous amount of challenges in our community and across this nation on a daily basis due to the economic climate and unemployment.

The search for jobs and the prospect of landing a job has turned into a “roll of the dice” for a lot of people—this is not to say that no job is guaranteed because lord knows that they are not, but the chances now or even more of a long shot because there may not be as many positions available depending on a job seekers desired search.

Have you ever thought about a career in radio? Well, 93.7 WBLK is in need of part time on-air talent.

That’s right, if you think you have the voice, charisma, energy, drive, and is positively socially conscious and can deliver it on air; we want to hear from you right now.

Just send me an email of your interest and I will respond with the details: