From the book “From The Browder File” by Anthony T. Browder

The race for freedom, justice and equality begins first in the mind, and either you are conscious of this fact or you are not. Consciousness determines your reality.

Time was a construct created by humans in order to orient them to a different reality. When you buy into someone else’s timeline, you also buy into their reality. The Grand Master teacher John Henrik Clarke reminded those who would listen that, “History is the clock that people use to tell their political and cultural time of day.” Whose clock are you using?

Did you know that Africans in the Nile Valley were the first humans to divide the day in 24 hours? Did you know that the word hour was derived from the African word Heru, which represented the sun—the first time keeper? Did you know that the movement of the sun, and all celestial bodies, follow precise mathematical paths through the heavens which can be projected backward or forward in time with pinpoint accuracy? In other words, everything in the universe happens on time, and to be out of time with the universe is to be out of sync with the very forces of creation.

If we choose to make the effort to free our minds and know ourselves, we will manifest the consciousness to restore truth, justice and righteousness in the world. The ability to identify with an ancestral legacy establishes the capacity to recognize and confront the problems of the present and future.

Let us know your thoughts and why do you think this is the case among people of African descent in America?