Today’s Know Thyself Community Wednesday topic comes to us from MsButter Cup Wilkinson who has won a pair of tickets to the Diamonds World Tour this Friday night at First Niagara Center starring Rihanna and A$AP Rocky just for submitting her suggestion for our topic today.

Friday night there will be a number of people at the Rihanna concert especially women from all over the region dressed to impress. Ms. Wilkinson topic, given the fact that there will be women at the show from all over the region, why does the local black male tend to treat the women from out of town differently in terms of better than the women here in the city of Buffalo?

An example of this would be when there is a major show in town and we see ladies from Toronto or NYC here the local guys tend to gravitate to them in a big way. Is it disrespect for the local ladies? Is it that the out of town girls are better looking or smarter in some way?

Tell us your thoughts and your experiences on this topic.