On Friday (March 23, 2012) Presiden Barack Obama made a few comments about the Treyvon Martin case. One of the things that he said in his statement to the parents of the slain young man was “that if he had a son you would look just like Treyvon”. Well, Newt Gingrich found the President’s statement to be disgraceful and felt that the issue is more about a human being no matter what color was killed.

I think this is where a lot of people in this country fail to realize how deep the challenges go when we talk about or deal with race issues in this country.

Now what Newt failed to realize when he made his statements about what Barack said, is that Barack was addressing the African parents of a slain African boy who was apparently targeted because of his skin color and clothing that he was wearing. Barack was speaking to the tragic loss of these parents who I’m sure can relate to the challenges that African people in this country are faced with and live with deep down in the psyche of our consciousness.

This case has received so much attention nationally with so much focus on ethnicity and social discussion, makes it a very unique case and the addressing of the parents of Treyvon by the President Barack Obama speaks to all of this!
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