On Saturday, March 26th at The King Center Charter School it was the return of our “Know Thyself” seminar series. We decided not to bring in a guest for the first seminar of the year, instead we wanted to bring the community together to try and discuss some of the issues and concerns and think of ways and solutions to begin to fix some of the problems. Although the turnout was very minimal (which we kind of expected it would be) those that were there seemed to have been enlightened and said that they would come to the next one and bring a friend with them as well.

To have and know that you have a purpose in life is a very powerful possession. The mere fact that our community doesn’t take the initiative to support and attend forums like the one that we held on Saturday is proof that we have a very long way to go! Each and every one of us have got to stop making excuses for why we can’t do this, can’t do that, and begin to live life with intent and purpose!

We suffer from a condition that goes back some 400-years and we have got to break the cycle of mis-education, materialism, and self-hatred and gain true knowledge of self to elevate the next generation!  

Here's what one of our attendees at the seminar had to say about what it means to "Know Thyself"