The Scenario

My Girl Set Up A Fake Facebook Page [THE SCENARIO]
Today’s topic comes from a male listener, who writes that:
She set up a fake facebook page and tried to get me caught up. My girl is a trip, she set up a fake facebook account and thought I would fall for the bait.
I accepted the request but I knew something wasn’t righ…
Boyfriend Caught Cheating !!!! [THE SCENARIO]
Dear DJ Supreme,
I don't know what I should do. I went to a nice dinner with my boo last night and I seen my friend's man out with another female! My boyfriend think I should definitely tell her but I think that she's just going to end up choose her man side over mines and it will cau…
The Scenario where we take real life situations and put them out there for you to decide what the parties involved should do.
Whats up Supreme, Im writing to you to be on The Scenario part of your show. I walked in on my 17 yr old son beating the brakes off of this chick...
Why Do Women Like To Dress Raunchy On Halloween? [SCENARIO]
Through my lifetime, I have seen a lot of trends and fashions come and go. This one baffles me to this day. Women always fight for respect and often complain about men don't respect us, we are more than just sexual object. So why in the world is it acceptable for the last weekend in Octobe…

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