Today’s topic comes from a male listener, who writes that:

She set up a fake facebook page and tried to get me caught up. My girl is a trip, she set up a fake facebook account and thought I would fall for the bait.

I accepted the request but I knew something wasn’t right about it the whole time. She inboxed me a few times asking if I had a girl and when can we go out. I played along to try to find out if it was really her. I asked a few people if they knew the name and I even did one of those online searches and that name didn’t exist in New York.

I haven’t busted her out yet but I know its her. All the signs are there. I’ve been thinking about just cutting her off for doing this stupid stuff. We grown and if she thinks I’m cheating with somebody on the computer she can just ask. I know what my next move is, but I just want to know what you think?