Scandal Season 4 Finale Recap [VIDEO]
Most happily ever afters don't involve a pile of dead bodies, but then again, happily ever afters don't happen often for Olivia Pope. On Scandal's Thursday, May 14, season 4 finale, Command was knocked off and Eli Pope arrested, there was a massive body count, and Olivia Pope surprisi…
More Scandal For Columbus Short And Wife (VIOLENT VIDEO CONTENT)
They always say there are two sides to each story - and we all know of the recent troubles of Scandal star Columbus Short but recently tmz released a video which shows he might not be the only one with angry issues.
Remember, Columbus was arrested for domestic violence for an incident at his house Fe…
Scandal Star Arrested
Hopefully Olivia Pope can get Harrison out of trouble as he could face up to 4 years in California State prison!

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