5 Tips From The “Real Olivia Pope” Judy Smith! #Scandal
I recently met America's #1 Crisis manager Judy Smith, the inspiration for the character Olivia Pope in ABC's Scandal. She revealed 5 useful tips on managing your image and dealing with a public crisis. She also answered juicy questions like "Did YOU sleep with the President?&…
Happy B-Day Kerry Washington (My Role Model)
One of my favorite people on and off screen proves that thirties really are FAB! Actress Kerry Washington celebrates her 36 birthday today. We celebrate the life and style of my role model inside!
Model Aleea Lee on TONSTM with Dj Supreme [VIDEO]
Model/Entrepreneur Aleea Lee checked in with THE ONLY NIGHT SHOW THAT MATTERS to talk about the difference between Urban Modeling vs Runway Modeling. Business opportunities and of course her and to clear up some of her comments regarding or not regarding Deion Sanders/Pilar Sanders divorce...
Willow Smith Takes Her Talents To The Strip Club
What the heck is Willow Smith at a Strip Club? She is only 10 years old !!!! On her Instagram account, (What the heck is Willow Smith doing with a Instagram account) she posted a picture of her on a stripper pole titled, Vegas Chick. Before she snatched the picture off, NecoleBitchie, was able to g…

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