Robin Thicke

Listen to Robin Thicke ‘Give It 2 U’ Feat. Kendrick Lamar
Robin Thicke really is cribbing from Prince these days. We know, we know, Thicke's sleeper hit 'Blurred Lines' is the No. 1 track in the country and now, his new single 'Give It 2 U' features that same Prince-copied falsetto and is even spelled in Prince-speak, since the His Purpleness was known for…
Happy Juneteenth: Freedom Day
Buffalo holds one of the largest Juneteenth Celebrations in America. Check out some footage from this year's festival as we celebrate this national day of Freedom!
Robin Thicke Talks Love & Family[Interview]
Multi-Award Winning Soul Singer/Piano player Robin Thicke to perform at the annual Ronald McDonald benefit concert this Saturday night at UB.
He checks in on Jazzy T in the Afternoons about writing new songs for his album, raising lil Julian Fuego with wife Paul Patton and living everyday like its 12…
Robin Thicke Arrested
This is the last person I thought I would see getting arrested Robin Thicke. I guess I can say nothing surprises me anymore. Robin Thicke was arrested for smoking a joint. Here is what the NY Daily News is reporting
Paula Patton his wife was spotted in New York this week for Fashion Week, and it …