Ray Lewis “Ravens would have Signed Colin Kaeprnick….”
It is the start of an all-new NFL season and many fans are upset that Colin Kaepernick still remains unsigned.
At one point the Baltimore Ravens showed interest in the quarterback, but unfortunately, the deal didn’t go through. Now former Ravens linebacker, Ray Lewis is speaking out o…
New App Helps You Prove You Are Not A Racist [VIDEO]
Are people always accusing you of being racist? Do you wish you could get credit for all the non racist things you do; like voting for a black politician or going on a date with a person of another race? If so, then you need the all new iNotRacist app to prove once and for all that you are NOT a rac…
Justin Bieber Caught Using The N-Word
Mama always said be careful about what you say and do because you'll never know when it might come back to haunt you. Apparently popular singer/pop artist Justin Bieber wasn't told the same