Mama always said be careful about what you say and do because you'll never know when it might come back to haunt you. Apparently popular singer/pop artist Justin Bieber wasn't told the same and told a rather distasteful and racist joke involving the N-word that was caught on camera and it's coming back to haunt him. It's clear that the video was recorded years earlier but it's still offensive nonetheless and possibly shows the true colors of the Biebs. The surfaced video has been viewed upon as a slap in the face to Bieber's industry cohorts and I'm sure his mentor and label owner Usher Raymond isn't too happy as well. Not to make ANY excuses for him, but he does appear to be fairly young in the video and children raised in households where these kinds of jokes and words fly freely behind closed doors, don't know nay better until they get into the real world. Check out the video and let me know what you think, just young and naive or exposed bigot?