"GOD"... a Controversial Topic many WILL NOT DISCUSS because it's "TOO SENSITIVE"!!!!  Many times I think that's an excuse for people so they don't have to face the FACTS!  I'm not suggesting that those FACTS have anything to do with what's WITHIN THE BIBLE... By "THE FACTS", I mean the "FACTS" that "people" interpret The Bible CONVENIENTLY to support their own agendas and create an atmosphere of CONTROL!

Is it The Bible that's FALSE or is it the the people who teach and interpret it who are the problem?  Based on the following video, there could be a strong case advocating the notion that PEOPLE are the problem regarding The Bible's CREDIBILITY...people like PASTOR DONNNY REAGAN in the video below...

Pastor Donny Reagan, from "Happy Valley Church Of Jesus Christ", has interpreted The Bible as saying interracial marriages are WRONG and he REFUSES TO MARRY WHITES & BLACKS, and of course Vice - Versa!!!  Pastor Donny says he WON'T, because it's wrong and he'll be in trouble with God!