Father’s Day Card for Mom? [POLL]
We've often heard that a single mom does the work of both parents, but should Mom celebrate Father's Day? Hallmark thinks so and has responded with holiday greeting cards to fit the occasion.
Step Mom Humiliates Son For Smoking Weed [VIDEO]
These days kids think they are grown way too quick. So when this 12 yr old boy failed gym class and came home smelling like weed, his step-mom took to HIS social media to embarrass him in the worst way! Check this out.
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Mother & Kids Pulled Over At Gunpoint!!!!
You know, I really wanted to give the position of and persons who represent "Police Officer", the benefit of the doubt....and I probably still will... but for the Officers who "THINK FIRST"...or are able's gotta be hard being cropped in with all of th…
Toddler Shot In The Falls [Audio]
This afternoon a mom went grocery shopping in Niagara Falls, when she came out, her baby daughter had been shot in the face. Hear from a source close to the family in this exclusive interview inside.
Fun Father’s Day Activities for Kids
Sunday June 17th is Father's Day. Compared to Mother's Day, this Holiday doesn't get nearly as much attention. But there are some really super Dads out there and we definitely want to show him how much we appreciate him this weekend. Inside you'll find some cool ways to celebrate…
No Mother’s Day 2012
Attention Fathers, Husbands and Baby-Daddy's you don't have to worry about getting the mother of your child a gift this Sunday. She won't accept it. Matter of fact, she won't even talk to you if you try.