Off-Duty Cop With Road Rage Shoots Women Who Cut Him Off in Traffic
Police are supposed to be there to help and protect us citizen from crime. What’s scary to me is the fact that even though the police are well trained they are still human and they too can sometimes let their emotions get the better of them – that was the case for this Houston …
The Go Getta Mix Celebrity Mix Up!

Guess who is in the Mix this week..Daddy Knowles
So daddy Knowles is not letting go.. sources shared that Mathew Knowles embarked on a brand new reality show called "Breaking From Above."  He is the executive producer and he’s pushing for his company Music World to the forefront by bringing…
Magic Man’s 2011 Travel Destinations
At the beginning of the year I made a resolution that I would travel more.  So far I have traveled to Charleston SC, Houston TX, Pittsburgh, PA, and Cancun, Mexico. 
I plan to continue my promise to visit more locations that I have not yet seen such as the Dominican Republic.  
Here's my photo gallery…