Cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bandits are called Bandettes.  One of them is hoping to pursue a new dream and she's hoping for your support.

Her name is Cori Bugenhagen.  She's originally from Western New York and she's been cheering on the Bandits for 5 years now.  She says that being a captain on the team has helped her to get back into dancing and meet some incredible people over the years.

"I am forever grateful for my time dancing and being a captain for this team. It’s time to hang up my uniform to allow a rookie to have their own phenomenal opportunity in Banditland. "

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It's time to move on for Cori

As much as she's loved her time with the Buffalo Bandits Cori says in a post that she's decided to continue her dream of being a full-time cheerleader and is hoping to make it on the the Houston Texans Cheerleading squad. She's even into the semi-finals to make it.

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You can help her continue on in the process

We are Buffalonians and we like to support other Buffalonians (even if they're going to another team).  So she's asking that if you've enjoyed watching her cheer for the Bandits that you help her continue her dream of becoming a full-time cheerleader by voting for her.  There are only a couple of days left, but you can help her to reach her goal by clicking here and casting a vote for Cori B.


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