Mom Jailed After Placing 2-Year-Old Daughter WHERE?!
A Somervell County woman (Somervell County is located about 53 miles southwest of Fort Worth in Texas) is in jail today after local police discovered a Mom having placed her 2 Year-Old daughter in the oven!
According to News Reports, the girl is in the hospital with second and thirdndegree …
Comedian Alex Thomas Live In Buffalo [VIDEO]
You've seen this man on every TV show from Jamie Foxx, Martin, Girlfriends & Moesha to classic films from The Players Club, Just Married, BAPS, and The Wash! Now see Alex Thomas Live at The Tralf, Memorial Day weekend.
Jazzy T goes on air with the new dad as he prepares his return to Buf…
I saw this on Jimmy Kimmel last night... 1st Jimmy showed the viral video followed by Wyat actually appearing and playing LIVE with his Dad... the Master Mind behind the entire "Act"!
It was amusing but then I saw the kids eyes and it made me say wonder...

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