There is an elementary school in Georgia that has chosen to use “slave” and “slave beatings” in its math word problems and the parents of the students are outraged not only because of the use of this very sensitive subject, but because how the school district has responded to it!

Now my opinion: I think that first of all, whoever the person or persons were that designed these worksheets should not be working in the school system because the subject matter is a very sensitive one and it seems that because they did it in the way that they did, it got the reaction that they were looking for as well.

 But I also see this as a teaching moment for anyone that may have a problem with this as well. Instead of getting upset about it, teach your children that African history in this country began way before 1492 and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade. Teach them about the greatest civilization that ever existed in Kemet (Egypt) which is Africa and how Africans were the first to practice the seven liberal arts. In fact, many of the things that we do today in medicine and education came straight out of Africa—tell your children that!

If we constantly focus on the negative vibes, especially with our children, we will never be able to advance as a nation of people. There are people in our society and around the world who’s only mission in life is to create chaos and havoc and we should never allow ourselves to take part in it; especially our children.

Hotep Family!