I don't know why but ever since the beginning of time in the rap game it seems when people want to embarrass you or hurt your image they attempt to rob you. Now with all the camera phones and the potential internet fame people go even farther by posting what they stole online and evening show the weapons used in set crime. I don't get it because your just giving the police evidence but hey its your life to live so when your this dumb you deserve all the time you get, so don't drop the soap. Here's the latest in the chain snatching era we live in today. Local Memphis rappers allegedly beat up and stole Shy Glizzy's chain after his show at the Dream club because he refused to do a song with them. Check out how the drama unfolded on social media below:



Shy Glizzy...reportedly got his gold chain snatched and now the alleged culprits are flaunting the jewelry piece while taunting the rhymer to come and get it.

Shy Glizzy Gets His Gold Chain Snatched by Local Memphis Rappers