Apparently Rihanna is not the only girl for Matt Kemp. The R&B songstress and the Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder are reportedly calling it quits after nearly a year together. According to "Us" magazine, an insider close to Rihanna said she was, quote, "just over it." Kemp was the first public relationship for Rihanna after she was infamously assaulted by her then-boyfriend Chris Brown in February 2009. Rihanna said the new relationship was her peace. Yet the insider told "Us" that it was, quote, "always just [about] having fun" and that Kemp couldn't keep up with Rihanna's busy schedule.

The singer has indeed been busy. She released a new CD this year and began filming the movie "Battleship" alongside Alexander Skarsgard and Taylor Kitsch. Rihanna also toured with Ke$ha on the "Last Girl on Earth Tour." The singer is currently in Barbados with family. Neither Rihanna or Kemp have confirmed the split.

Source: Metro News Service