Our good friends at Mediatakeout.com are reporting that the "only girl in the world" Rihanna has dumped her Major League boyfriend Matt Kemp. For those that don’t know, Matt Kemp plays center field for the LA Dodgers. 

After a year of dating, the confirmation comes via twitter.  One of her twitter fans asked whether she’d be spending Christmas with him, Rihanna’s tweet made it clear that, “there’s no special man in her life . . . other than her family!!” 

Sources say that Rihanna is overseas in Australia promoting her new album and dumped Matt Kemp via text message. It was something to the effect of - 'It's not working out, dueces." 

Talk about gangsta, guess that's how things are done now. In the 90's you would have at least written a letter. Was this childish or diva move on Rihanna’s part? 

But the more interesting thing is that now it allows Rihanna to go public with her longtime fling with rapper Drake. The two are definitely an item. And that's not rumor, ladies and gents - its fact!!! 

Industry insiders say these two have been secretly messing around for months now and it’s all just hitting the fan now. 

Now they can go public with it. Drake is one lucky devil. 

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