Eeewww! Imagine paying your rent on time, only to come home to fury, disease carrying roommates! That's what tenants at a Cheektowaga apartment complex have been living through!

Taylor Weidman, Getty Images

Thankfully now, the landlord at Garden Village Apartments has agreed to do what he's supposed to do and get rid of the rats! According to WKBW, Erie County Department of Health officials met with Matthew Cherry and showed him photos from the last three inspections.

Officials said:
"Mr. Cherry signed a stipulation agreement that was connected with the latest fine. This means he is now accountable in writing to make all necessary corrections and maintain the property up to expected standards. In addition, he agreed to step up baiting efforts and increase enforcement to ensure dumpster doors and lids are closed and any garbage on the ground is removed immediately."

Credit: WKBW

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