Master P's wife just turned their ugly divorce even uglier, suing their son Romeo! Yasmin Young here from the 2 To 6 Takeover here to Spill The Tea!

(Photo By Frederick M. Brow/Getty Images Entertainment)

It's sad when a family situation gets to the point where a mom sues her son! According to TMZ, Master P's wife, Sonya Miller, is suing her own son, Romeo! She claims that P is using their son to keep assets from her in their divorce! She points out that his label, No Limit Forever, is in Romeo's name, thus keeping her from receiving any of the profits! She also claims that P got $750K for his reality show, but somehow used Romeo to collect the money! Dayum, I hope they work this ish out quickly, they still have younger kids that they need to co-parent!

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