You are what you eat! How did we go from fresh to foul…from fruits and veggies to process and synthetic?


Aretha Franklin, who was hospitalized a few months back and underwent surgery for undisclosed circumstances, is planning to hit the stage again in May. She is now walking at least a mile three times a day and has made some changes in her diet.

She said her biggest health change has been in her diet: She’s given up her beloved chitterlings, pigs’ feet and ham hocks in favor of a Whole Foods-type diet, and she hopes to get down to a size 16 at 68 years of age.

Why did it take such a drastic medical circumstance in Aretha’s life to get her to change her eating habits and lifestyle? This like many other things that we talk about when it comes to “Know Thyself” is to understand that our ancestors had to eat from the lowest levels of humanity in order to survive…But now we have crossed to the other side of the bridge and must leave unhealthy diets and lifestyles behind us! If you know that something is bad for you why would you continue to consume it? Yes we are what we eat! And, our bodies were not designed to consume certain things that we now label as food…