According to CMS, A woman who claimed she was jumping off with her pastor and gave birth to his child which of course was against his wishes. Now she is suing him because he kicked her to the curb along with his other jumpoffs/baby mamas.

According to the lawsuit, Erica Hollinger claims "prophet" Clarence Johnson III abused his power as her pastor and therapist to gain her trust and have sex with her. Clarence is the pastor at Life Tabernacle Pentecostal Church in Kansas City, Missouri.

Erica claims the pastor encouraged her to engage in conduct which she believed was improper including but not limited to demanding that plaintiff engage in unprotected premarital sex and that 'God would protect her' from becoming pregnant." Erica says she became pregnant (for the second time) and the pastor demanded she get an abortion. She refused. When their son was born, pastor Johnson called their son a "devil child."

I'm not sure who the BIG DUMMY is here she should've known better. "God will protect you from getting pregnant" who falls for a line like this. This man should be ashamed for using religion to manipulate women. This seems to be a underlying theme in the church people should really know better. I don't think she will win her lawsuit, it is not his fault she was stupid. Here is a clip of him brainwashing I mean preaching. I don't trust him based off of this clip.