Commentary: What Message Is Being Sent & Received?
Does anyone find it strange that the rioting in Baltimore began RIGHT AFTER THE FUNERAL! I've been to Church so many times where the Pastor or Speaker is saying things that could very easily be MISUNDERSTOOD... There are so many Pastors who are WITHOUT ANY CREDENTIALS and believe they have a "C…
The Hottest Easter Pageant Ever [VIDEO]
When I say hot I really mean hot, this performance literally set the church on fire.  Shout out to the singer who still finished the performance despite the open fire behind him.
Sidebar:  The pastor (the man who was wrestling with the fire) was treated at the hospital and released...
Yes you read the Title of this Blog correctly.  If I had room I would have written... CHRISTIANITY IS LOSING GROUND FAST!!!!  or even better yet... THE CHURCH HAS KILLED CHRIST!!!!
While Gay Rights Activists WERE NOT meeting on SUNDAYS ONLY in buildings all across the Country to push t…

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