Before major news outlets confirmed President Obama was indeed re-elected, Young Jeezy dropped a tribute to “every ghetto in the world” titled, “We Done It Again.”Unfortunately, grammar and substance were not of importance.

Like his '08 ode to Obama, “My President Is Black,” “We Done It Again” sends the message that Obama is the savior of the ghetto. Just when you thought the ignorance was at an all-time high, Jeezy compares himself to Trayvon Martin.

Feeling like Trayvon Martin, I’m barely breathing
On my back looking to the eyes of my killer
You can take my life, but I’m still that n*gga


He follows this with a valid question: How can Mitt Romney, a man of privilege, relate to people of the ghetto?

[When was the] last time your partner got killed over a Caprice?

According to Jeezy, Willard can't sympathize with the woes of the poor because his rich friends don’t senselessly kill each other over cars.

These poorly versed lines were followed by a strange Hurricane Katrina reference and surprisingly accurate mentions of GM, Chicago and penitentiaries.  Some rappers should just rap about subject matters they KNOW about.  If Jeezy looked at some statistics, the "ghetto" has gotten worse since Obama has been president. Young Jeezy, stick to subject matters you are familiar with.  It's obvious Young Jeezy has no idea what he is talking about.

Anyways what do you think?