Today we are at a crossroads as it relates to our children, drop-out rates, and the industrial prison complexes that are popping up all over this country. I think that most people will agree that there are a number of issues that are causing these unfortunate conditions to occur in our families and communities.

Now that summer is coming to a close and our children are preparing to return to the classroom, I am reminded of a piece that we air here on the station by educator Jawanza Kunjufu where he says that children learn in different ways in the classroom. His findings and facts are based on years of study and observation of student/teacher behavior and achievement.

So if children learn in different ways, why then are children taught the same way using the same methodology and standards? Would it be just as important to an African student to know that the real father of medicine is Imhotep; why are all students being taught that it was the Greek named Hippocrates? The playing field in education must be fair to all students, relaying truthful knowledge so that African students will know and understand their greatness and what their ancestors have accomplished on this planet.

Just think, what if our students could fully understand and place their personal and group circumstances within a global context, centered on these important concepts;

Maafa, the most devastating and destructive human experience in world history.

Sba, teaching, wisdom, and study

Sia, insight

Sankofa, an Akan word which means “go back and fetch it”

Mdw ntr, “divine word”

Mdw nfr, “good speech” or “the beautiful word”

Whmy msw, “deep thought”, “reawakening”

And Heka, “power”, “will”