When it was announced that Bin Laden had been killed people in this country were cheering and celebrating the death of the most wanted terrorist in the world. But isn’t America supposed to be a country of strong religious belief and faith in a God, and strong conservative values and morals?

Has this country always celebrated death and the defeat of others?

At the end of the day one of the most important things that we should all keep in mind is that how this country was established and built on the backs and blood of those ancestors that were brought to this then foreign land.

We can never forget the events of the past to learn from as we move forward in this present moment!

So is America being spiritually and ethically tested?

To read more just click the link: http://blogs.blackvoices.com/2011/05/03/can-america-spiritually-celebrate-bin-laden-death/?evar1=vo-featured|mod0|http://blogs.blackvoices.com/2011/05/03/can-america-spiritually-celebrate-bin-laden-death/