This week on New Tube it’s all about finding “A Brand New You”, “Take It” and run with it ‘cause today we’re Finally Famous and getting “Guap” right now because there is nothing more important than the “MULA”! Don’t be surprised if you find Big Sean dancing in a closet either.

Alicia Keys -Brand New Me

Alicia really shows a brand new version of how her music and looks have evolved through her career. This video is very personal; even though it’s a lot going on around her the video focuses on her! Make sure you listen to these lyrics to find a new you. Enjoy

LL Cool J ft Joe –Take it
LL and Joe came back on the scene and is showing us why they are the best that ever did it! This video will take you back to a place where hip hop and R&B clashed and made music with a purpose, the song and the video is delightful eye candy for both viewers now take that!

Big Sean –Guap
This video is for the DTOWN playas Big Sean decided to make a video in his hometown of Detroit Michigan and have a party on a float in the middle of the street, The song and the visuals match they are both very hype bust a move and enjoy

Big Sean ft. French Montana – Mula
We are hitting you with a Big Sean Bonus Beat, who is definitely in his grinding season and he is clearly about his money, Guap and MULA! Check out this video with another grinder Frenchy Baby, these two come at us with the movie lens so grab your popcorn and enjoy!

############ BONUS #################


Say It Aint Tone f/ Big Sean –In my Closet

Tune into the Jazzy Drive at 5 12.21.12 Mixshow for the World debut of a hot new Finally Famous track produced by 2012 Producer of the Year KeyWane!