His unique drive to never quit has ignited a flame in the hearts of many to help buy him a car. James Robertson of Detroit has been walking to work for the past 21-years after his 1998 Honda Accord broke down.

The Detroit Free Press, profiled his story this past Sunday and the response has been amazing to help this brother get to work!

"I set our attendance standard by this man," his boss Todd Wilson to the Detroit Free Press. "I say, if this man can get here, walking all those miles through snow and rain, well, I'll tell you, I have people in Pontiac 10 minutes away and they say they can't get here — bull! He's never missed. I've seen him come in here wringing wet."

A 19-year-old by the name of Evan Leedy, read Robertson's story and set up a GoFundMe page and within hours raised over $150,000 dollars and that number continues to grow according to sources.