What is wrong with people these days? I’m really at a lost for words. I ran across this online this morning, two customers beat up a Dunkin' Donuts employee after receiving the wrong order.

Jeffery Wright and his wife Alexis Longo order coffee via the drive thru and then stormed the store when they receive the wrong order this past Tuesday in Lauderhill Florida.

First of all its 2013, did you forget cameras are everywhere? Pure stupidity at its best, they both deserve those nice jail jumpsuit’s the state had waiting for them. What store you know these days that don’t at least have a security camera?

The couple is seen on tape attacking the employee - Mr. Wright at one point even pulls out a loaded pistol and pistol whips the employee as his wife, Alexis Longo screems 'shoot him, shoot him' This all took place infront of shocked customers in broad daylight on West Oakland Park Blvd. over the wrong coffee order.

Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think.

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