Passengers on public transportation in just about every city throughout this nation are very diverse from ethnicity, age, economic background, education and more!

Recently, we have been noticing an increase in adult disciplining teenagers who take it upon themselves to "show-out" in front of their peers as if nothing will happen while riding these crowded forms of transportation.

In this video the young man who appears to be a teenager picks up an object from the back of the bus and throws it towards the front of the crowd, but what happens next will make him think twice the next time he decides to show his butt!

Another Teenage Boy Gets DISCIPLINED On Public Transportation . . . After Hitting A GROWN MAN . . . With A BOTTLE!! (Did That Man Go TOO FAR . . . Or Do These Boys Need To LEARN RESPECT) - Story here -

Posted by Mediatakeout on Wednesday, June 10, 2015