As Darien Lake Six Flags prepares to re-open, it announced that it will require everyone to make a reservation.

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Darien Lake is getting ready to re-open, once it's given the green light, but it will operate with limited capacity. In addition, the park will require attendees to make a reservation, according to WKBW. Whether you are a season pass holder, have a membership or just a regular admission ticket, a reservation will be required for entry. Season pass holders and members will be given access to the reservation system first.

There is no official opening date as of yet, but the system will be online before the park reopens. There will be social distance rules that people will have to follow inside. On its website, Darien Lake indicates that it will be crediting season pass holders for each day the park is closed in the 2020 season due to coronavirus.

"For each operating day that the park is closed during the 2020 Season, we will give you one additional operating day during the 2021 season. We will also be providing bonus free friend days and special benefits this summer when we re-open to make up for the inconvenience." ~ Darien Lake

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