Man y'all know I love ratchet stuff and just hearing my friends say "Yo Wire you see that video of that girl dancing on the moving car?" You know My Eyes Lit Up with joy! my next question was "where at buffalo" They told me in Tennessee I guess ratchet business par takes all over the nation.

Check out the video below

Now a couple things have been brought to my attention. Number 1 just out the hanging front bumper, If you gonna be doing all that at least do it on a put together car. 2 I know Tennessee ain't that un-modernized out here look like an episode of Bonanza in this video( My grandma be watching that)

Update on the video the girl who is doing the twerking her name is Myscellent Shelton-Cox 23 of age and was living that hot girl summer too much and ending up getting charge for disorderly conduct.

Ladies what have we learned? No Twerking on MOVING cars continue to twerk on parked cars

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