Well this is pretty cool!

If you have ever been to Ellicottville and gone up to Holiday Valley you may have seen this strange, unique house as you pull in.

It is called the Telemark Motel and it is so unique as the A-frame unique structure sits in front of the Ellicottville Depot Restaurant. Now, the Telemark Motel does not operate as a nightly motel any more, but you can rent it a couple of other ways.

You can rent the house for 900 bucks a month or for the entire ski season (which only goes until April, so you should probably wait until next season) for only $2,400.

What does your stay include?
While you live in the Telemark Hotel, the owners will take care of trash removal, wifi and cable, but no housekeeping.

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If you are headed up to Holiday Valley this weekend, you may see some skiers dressed up on the slopes for a modified version of Holiday Valley's Winter Carnival. There is a full schedule happening including fireworks, cookouts, live music, costumes, GOLF (yes, golf in the snow) and a lot more!

Plus, Eric Jones, the local snow artist that you may know for creating some iconic Buffalo Bills themed snow sculptures last season will be there. He will be making an 8 foot tall boot that you can go take pictures with. It will be located in front of the 1887 on Washington Street.

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