Have you ever wondered what happens to vehicles that are stolen, seized or repossessed? Many of these cars, trucks and SUV's end up at the New York State property auction. On Tuesday (June 8th) you could come away with a real 'steal'.

According to CBS6, the New York State Office of General Services will have a variety of vehicles to choose from including Dodge Chargers, Chevrolet Tahoes and a red 2015 Corvette with less than 32,000 miles on it. Sounds great!

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Here are some things to be aware of when buying a vehicle at any auction:

  • Many of these cars are auctioned because there is something wrong with them. They may have been in an accident or it has water damage from flooding, for example.
  • Many repossessed vehicles haven't been well cared for and could have mechanical issues.
  • A stolen car, like the red 2015 Corvette, will come with a 'salvaged title' or a 'rebuilt title'. This typically means the insurance company has declared the vehicle totaled.

The auction scheduled to take place on Tuesday at 9:30am will be a virtual auction but first you will need to register HERE. In addition to the Corvette you will be able to bid on New York State Police vehicles, ATV's, trailers and dump trucks.

The Department of Transportation will have 2 auctions in the near future. June 22nd is the next for the DOT followed by an auction on June 29th. The New York State Police will hold their next auction on August 18th. Click HERE for more dates and information.

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