I have a little secret about me that you might not have known. Well, there are a few but one of them is I always thought it would be fun to drive a school bus. I thought to myself a long time ago, I really love working with kids so that would be a great job for me, so this is surprising to me to hear that Buffalo is in need of school bus drivers. According to wivb.com, there is a critical need for drivers ahead of the school year.

Right now, the need is so bad that some school districts are delaying the start of some after-school programs. I'm sure there are some training requirements and other qualifications but there are some companies that are looking for help like, First Student, WNY bus co, and Niagara Falls City Schools. There are many school districts that are looking for help, maybe this could be a job for you.

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How Much Do School Bus Drivers Get Paid?

The starting pay for school bus drivers with no experience is 15 dollars per hour. Some of a bus driver's duties include transporting school kids to and from school and supervising them on the trips. Another thing bus drivers are responsible for is informing authorities of any traffic hazards or any other issues that will delay departures or arrivals. I like the fact that there is really no experience needed and they will train applicants that are willing to work. I really hope bus drivers will show up to get our kids to school.

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