Basketball has a rule that if two players have the ball simultaneously, play is stopped and (normally) a "jump ball" takes place.  I looked through the National Football League's rules and couldn't find anything for this rare event in I'm not saying it's not there...I just couldn't find it.   Whether there or's "Your Call" below.


It's the last play of the game and The Seattle Seahawks are losing to the Green Bay Packers but they have the ball with only one play left in the game.  If the Seahawks score they win...if not, they lose.

So the play starts and the Seahawks Quarterback drops back and throws a long long long pass down the field to the end zone.  If a Seahawks players catches the ball they win...if not...they lose.  If a Green Bay packers player catches the ball it's an interception and the Packers win!!!!

BALL UP, UP, UP, Up, Up, Up....Coming DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, DOWN,..... IT'S CAUGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!  .....BUT BOTH PLAYERS CAUGHT THE BALL AT THE SAME TIME....(or did they)!!!!!

Ok, You're the Referee.... What's the call?  (Watch the video)...Then take the POLL!



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