Yelawolf will not be silenced and he was sure to stick to that ideal on Saturday (April 13) as he walked off the stage at a show for Louisiana State University students.

According to Hip Hop DX, Catfish Billy was supposed to perform at the school's free spring concert, Groovin' On the Grounds. But he was immensely irritated by the fact that the school hoped to have him do a censored version of his lyrics during his set.

Apparently, Yela hit the stage without a care in the world, spitting his original bars, curse words and all -- and was immediately scolded for it.

Rather than tone it down, the Shady signee dipped, leaving the student body confused as to whether or not they'd be getting a Yelawolf set after all.

They didn't. Yela never returned to finish his performance.

The student government president, Taylor Cox, alleged that the restriction was in the rapper's $17,500 contract to appear.

"Apparently [Yelawolf's] management did not tell him about [the curse-free clause] until moments before his performance,” Cox stated while adding that Yela's contract is as good as blank since he never bothered to finish performing.

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