Yelawolf delivers a reflective sermon in his new video for “Best Friend,” which also features Eminem. The song is from the Alabama rhymer’s new album, Love Story.

The visual features Yela and Em spitting angry rhymes of both reflection and remorse for their past wrongdoings. In several scenes, we see the “Box Chevy” rapper walking through a field and a cemetery as he seeks redemption from God. It culminates with Reverend Slim Shady inside of a church spitting his fiery verse from the pulpit.

"But I learned from my mistakes / Try hard to respect people for what they believing in / But if you spit on my f---ing grave / And wish me Hell then I wish you well / I'ma send you straight up to my best friend," Yela rhymes.

“It’s the perfect record for him and I for this album,” he recently told MTV News. “Because its me standing my own ground creatively and where I’m at on it creatively, and Marshall being Marshall. To not rap -- I thought it created a really cool vibe, and no one’s heard us like that musically, and content-wise no one’s heard that, either.” Amen.

You can cop Yelawolf’s album Love Story at iTunes now.

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