Dads often don't get the credit or love that they deserve, which is why Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover started Father Friday! It's time for the great dads in Buffalo and WNY to get some recognition! Meet our current honoree, Sam Haynes Jr.!

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  • Meet April 7th's Dad, Sam Haynes Jr.!!

    Sam is the father of 2 children, a 2-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter. His aunt Gwen, who nominated him said, "My nephew has been a hands-on DAD to his children from the start. He is a hands-on father that is there for them physically, mentally and financially! The love & care my niece & nephew relieve from their dad is unconditional." And that's why today, we salute Sam!! Keep being an amazing dad!

  • Meet March 31st's Dad, Kyle Rusch!!

    Kyle is dad to 2 kids, age 2 and 4! Bianca, who nominated Kyle says, "I am nominating Kyle because even though we are no longer together, we have a friendship for our daughter! He also has a son by Someone else. He makes sure he gets his daughter and son every chance he gets he works a full-time job to make sure his kids have everything they need and want he does not just sit around when he gets the kids he always taking them on adventures; anything to smile! He deserves to be noticed because he did a u-turn and has become an amazing farther!" We salute you Kyle! Keep being a great dad to those two kids!

  • Meet March 24th's Dad, Eric Lamar Sr.!!

    Eric is dad to 6 children, Kimariah age 11, Kaylin age 9, Emani age 9, Eric Jr. age 5, Kaliyah age 2 and
    Kristianna age 7-months! He was nominated by Charisse, who says "He is a hard-working man who works to provide for his family. Outside of work he spends all his time with his children playing with them, educating them and teaching them life lessons. He also makes it a point to take them out for one on one daddy dates!" We salute you Eric, keep being an amazing dad!

  • Meet March 17th's Dad, Jordan Jones!!

    Jordan is dad to four children, 4-year-old Jordin, 4-year-old CJ, 1-year-old JayCeon and 2-month-old Royal! Tashaya says, "I believe Jordan should be nominated because he stepped up to be a father to my 2 kids when their father decided not to own up to his responsibilities. He NEVER misses a beat! He attends all school functions for all of the kids, picks the up and drops them off to school everyday. He takes them out whenever I need a break and he is just overall a great person to only be 26." We salute you Jordan!

  • Meet March 10th's Dad, Wayne Bryant!!

    Wayne is dad to an 8-year-old son! "I'm nominating him because he's the true meaning of a real father. He goes above and beyond measures for his little guy and even picks up the slack of others. He took on a father figure roll outside of his son to my son and created a bond that not many can do. He steps in when everyone else steps down. He deserves it!" Congrats Wayne, keep doin' your thang!!

  • Meet March 3rd's Dad, Patrick Schultz!!

    Patrick was nominated by Heather! He is dad to a 2-year-old and is expecting a son soon! Heather says, "I am nominating him because I was a single mom with a 1 year old and met him through mutual friends. He lived a single party life and fell in love with both my daughter and I and completely changed everything about his life for what was best for us. He took on the responsibility of my daughter without any hesitation and has been there every step of the way and we now are expecting our baby boy May 20th 2017"

  • Meet February 24th's Dad, Johnnie Gamble!!

    Johnnie is the father of an 8-year-old! Chanel Lowther, who nominated him says, "Johnnie is an excellent father, he is very involved in his son's life. He is a father that truly puts his son's happiness first. Despite any other issue, Johnnie has fought diligently to be an active father and male role model to his son. He refers their time together as "twin time." His son is truly loved."

  • Meet February 17th's Dad, Jerome Dean Jr.!!

    Jerome is dad to a 4-year-old and a 6-month-old! He was nominated by his girfriend Osha, who says "I'm nominating my boyfriend Jerome because he's an excellent father. He gets up early every morning to get both kids ready for school and daycare (I work early) by his self. He takes the time to teach my 4-year-old son that's not biological his son, right from wrong and treats him like his own. Jerome puts our kids first all of the time, they're always the first thought no matter what." Keep being an AMAZING father Jerome!

  • Meet February 10th's Dad, Allen Knight IV!!

    "Allen Knight IV is the youngest and brightest of his (4) siblings. Little did we know he was a born revolutionary! At 19 he had his first child, a Son. In a matter of two years he graduated college, moved into his own apartment. He began working in the health insurance field making a salary that surpassed even his parents! Just as his momentum begin to grow, he started his own mentoring program, The Gentlenen Guidance Program, #TGGP - featured by WBLK's only Adri-V, The Go-Getter. He's also the creator of the #TieChallenge, teaching young boys how to tie a tie all throughout WNY; He even did the challenge in Times Square! Within the two years that followed, he was married, was nominated for the 2016 CHANGEMAKERS 30 under 30 award, 2016 Buffalo United Front Herculean Men Award, and the Father of the Year Award!.. All this for his only Son, Allen Knight V. Leaving a legacy for him to follow and achieve much greater things. Our community will be greater because of Fathers like Allen IV, he's already had such an impact on me."

    Love Your Big Bro,

    We salute you as well, keep up the great job!

  • Meet February 3rd's Dad, Cario Peach!!

    Cario is dad to the beautiful 16-month-old girl in the picture! He was nominated by Danielle, who says " He is a hard-working and dedicated father. He allways makes sure his daughter comes first and she has everything that she could possibly want and need. He does whatever it takes to put a smile on her face and reminds himself that he wakes up everyday to set a good example!"  Keep being an amazing dad Cario...we salute you!


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