Every Wednesday Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover and The People's Station will select WNY's Hardest Working Woman to feature here on WBLK.com and receive a prize! Meet our current winner, Rhonda Rashada!

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  • Meet March 21st's Winner, Rhonda Rashada!!!

    "Rhonda works about 80 hr a week, takes care of everyone in the family including her handicap son, that's a pain in the butt. She never complains about nothing. She has no free time for her self. Only thing she's says lord take the wheel. Rhonda try's to go to her daughter basketball games. Sometimes she gets no sleep due there is not enough hrs in the day!"

  • Meet March 14th's Winner, Trena Etherton!!

    The person who nominated Trena says, "Trena is a hard working Woman working hard in her real estate career and taking care of her two children one with special needs and one grand daughter. Everyday she strives to better her family and become a better woman. Trena is a Entrepreneur at heart, mind, body and soul." Trena, you truly are a hard-working woman and we salute you for that!

  • Meet March 7th's Winner, Daphne Blue

    Congrats Daphne!! She is WNY's Hardest Working Woman!! Daphne says, "I am WNY's hardworking woman of the week because I am a full-time teacher that travels to two different schools, I also do alternative instruction after I leave one school, and I also am a home instructor as well. I have three children two of which attend Oberlin College and Alfred University on full scholarships and I have a senior in high school at Nichols where I am the co-chair for the Infinity Parent Group, and to top all of that I am earning my EdD in Educational Leadership from Walden University." We salute you!!

  • Meet February 28th's Winner, Nicola Ballard!!

    Nicola Ballard is the co-owner, Rudeboyz Artworks! Rudeboyz’ space at 527 W. Utica St. is a clothing and accessory boutique, art co-op and retail incubator. Nicola's store, makes clothing, shoes and accessories using custom painting, heat press and airbrushing. They also craft purses, wire-wrapped jewelry and paintings. The person who nominated her says, "Nicola hosts other regional artists and sellers, while running a gallery, performance space and community event center out of the store, she schedules weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly events in the store. In addition to pumping out artwork, organizing community events and hosting artists and live musicians, Rudeboyz mentors fledgling artists and retailers, giving them the real estate, skills and experience they need to succeed in the business. They have already helped proteges Abstract Wealth and Phenominal Xpressions move on to shops of their own. Nicola also owns and operates an online advertising company, Consult Medley, and has a podcast, CMBR Radio Show." Nicola is definitely the definition of a hard working woman!!

    Kristen Rice
  • Meet February 21st's Winner, Husen Ali!!

    Husen was nominated by her sibling, who says "I am nominating my sister Husen as WNY's Hard Working Woman Of The Week. Not only is she a single mother raising her 10 year old daughter in changing times of this country, she does it while working two jobs. In the daytime, she teaches students grade K through 6th and after she puts her daughter to bed, she is a cashier at Wegmans so that she can make enough to pay for piano lessons, chorus lessons and Tae Kwon Do. She never forgets the importance of her own health to be able to take care of her family so on top of all that she already does, she continues to go to the gym, run marathons and do cross fit training so that she maintains a healthy mind, soul and body to get her through her busy schedules." She is the definition of a hard-working woman!!

  • Meet February 14th's Winner, Camisha Houston!!

    Camisha was nominated by her mother, who says "I would like to enter my daughter because my daughter works over 86 hours sometimes she goes into work at 3 pm and doesn't get out until the next day just to make sure her daughter Honesty is taken care of!" Keep being a role model to your daughter, showing her what a hard-working woman really is!

  • Meet February 7th's Winner, Kelly A. Moskal!!

    Kelly has a lot on her plate, but somehow she manages it all! "Two words...teenager & toddler...lol...now pair that with working in a demanding environment full time and studying to obtain my insurance license and I would say that equals up to hard work...with a lot of dedication. While I do what thousands of other women (and men) do everyday it doesn't make it any less difficult at times. Breaks are far and few between but the rewards are definitely worth it. I think as parents we become so involved with bettering ourselves, our situations, and our environments for our children that we tend to forget that we still need nurturing also and I am definitely guilty of that. So while I do what many others do to make sure me and mine are ok that doesn't mean I don't deserve recognition for being the best me I can be for my kids. The hard work is 24/7...work, studying, working with my kids, maintaining a household, worrying about money, etc etc et c...but sometimes you don't need an S on your chest to know what a Superwoman you are."

  • Meet January 31st's Winner, Jacqueline Knowles!!

    Jacqueline was nominated by her daughter Nadina, who says "Nobody works harder than my momma! She has been a true pioneer of the community for over 40 years and still runs her successful businesses everyday, starting at 6am or sometimes earlier, working until 12am sometimes. Jackie Knowles, my mom, started in her early years as a bartender raising three children in her early 20's...from then she owned her own hair salon and would spend numerous hours working to make the community look and feel good. If you had a jerry curl then you went to my mom's! She is currently 65 years old and the owner of Jacqueline's daycare, where she currently serves hundreds and hundreds of children in WNY with top quality child care for over 25 years. She has given me the best example of how a great woman is suppose to handle her business. If she isn't the hardest working woman, I really don't know who is. Jacqueline Knowles is the hardest working woman I know!!!!" We salute you Ms. Knowles, you are AMAZING!!

  • Meet January 24th's Winner, Stephanie Smith!!

    Stephanie was nominated by her hubby Matt, who says "This is for my wife Stephanie. I wanted to nominate her for all the hard work she does everyday. Whether putting in countless hours at Geico, or helping around the house, she always has a smile on her face and deserves a break! She is super caring and is never thinking about herself, only others. She is definitely WNYs hard working woman of the week whether she wins or not!" Keep being amazing Stephanie!!

  • Meet January 17th's Winner, Angela Beasley!!

    Angela is a 50-year-old single mother of an 11 year old son. She is a senior at Empire State College, in the Business Management Program with a concentration in Human Resource Management. She says "I work a very stressful Job at BMHA, I am a housing aide a Marine Drive (go figure). I returned to college in 2016 after a 28 year absence. My Son is in the Pal Boxing Program, as well as the Pal Basketball. He is also on a junior bowing league. He is on the Honor Roll and an avid chess player. I am tired. I cannot stop, as I need to provide a good life for my son and show him a good example." We see you Angela!! Keep being a role model for your son and keep representing for hard-working women in WNY!