Dads often don't get the credit or love that they deserve, which is why Yasmin Young of the 2 To 6 Takeover started Father Friday! It's time for the great dads in Buffalo and WNY to get some recognition! Meet our current honoree, Cory Mardino!

At the end of each month, each of the Fathers will be entered into a random drawing to win a limited edition pair of Ray Bans from Dr. Beyer! Dr. Beyer Opticals - for a look that’s on fire, you gotta call Dr. Beyer! 646-EXAM!

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  • Meet October 27th's Dad, Cory Mardino!!

    Cory is the dad of 4, soon to be 5...Austin, 18, Mason, 10, Chase, 7, Jasmyn, 7 and one on the way 11/17!! His wife April says, "My husband has taken in 3 boys and raises them as his own! He's amazing! He not only provides for his family but makes time to spend with them. He taught the 3 little ones how to ride thier bikes. He volunteers at their schools and helps with homework. He cooks, cleans, and does laundry at times even though he has worked 8-10 hour days!" Keep being an amazing dad and husband Cory, we salute you!!

  • Meet October 20th's Dad, Damone Chambers!!

    Damone is dad to five children, Mone' Chambers (10), Damone Allen (9), Elijah Chambers (6), Damari Allen (5) and Damone Chambers j.r (3)! Keep being a great dad Damone!!

  • Meet October 6th's Dad, Lourenzo Davis!!

    Lourenzo is dad to 2 boys, one 11 and the other is 8. "I am nominating my wonderful husband because he is a amazing dad and does so much for his kids. Our kids play lacrosse and my husband makes sure they make it to practice and he also makes videos of the lacrosse games. He does that for the boy's and so thgat they will always have the memories of them playing lacrosse. He works very hard to make sure we as a family have what we need. I truly appreciate everything my husband does for all of us, he is my rock. You can check out is YouTube channel @ Rizzy Renzo."

  • Meet September 29th's Dad, Nicholas Mills

    Nicholas is father to one son, who is 4-months old!! He was nominated by Brychele Zeigler, who says "I am nominating this father because he is a wonder father to his son. From the time he found out we were having him to us now having him he have never missed a day of his life. He works overnights & still gets up every morning to feed & change our son. He is unbelievably great!" That's the definition of an AMAZING dad! Keep it up Nicholas!!

  • Meet September 22nd's Dad, Brian Benjamin Sr.!!

    Brian is dad to 4 ( 1 biological) - Brian Jr., age 4, Javeon, age 8, Mia, age 5 and Julius, age 3. AND, he's expecting twin boys coming this fall!! Brian was nominated by his mother Evette, "My son Brian is 26-years-old, he has custody of his son Brian Jr. and goes above and beyond to make sure Brian Jr. excells in everything he does. Brian works full time to support his family and works as much overtime he can to get ready for twin boys in the fall with his fiancee Juanita. Brian is also the coach of Brian Jr.'s T-Ball team, the San Diego Padres of Grand Island. He takes time to teach his son and step children life lessons. Brian and Brian Jr. also accompanies me when I go feed the homeless men & women in downtown Buffalo and when I cook for the kids at The Compass House (a home for homeless at risk kids ages 12-17 yrs old in Buffalo). I'm disabled and Brian finds time to still help me out with errands or just stops by to spend time. Brian is my second oldest but sometimes takes the lead as head of the family. My other children, Mark, Nikkia and Deja, are also proud of the Man Brian has become and most importantly the father he is! Brian told me being a great role model to his son and 3 step-kids, is just as important as being a great husband to his fiancee, that's when I knew my baby boy crossed over to being a real Man!" Well said mom! We salute you Brian for being a great dad!!

  • Meet August 18th's Dad, Dee Stanley!!

    Dee is dad to 2 children, 1 girl, age 11 and another girl, age 1. He was nominated by Tanya, who says "He's such an incredible father. He accepted and treats Alexis (my 11yr old) as his own and has done so for almost 6 yrs now. The day Haylee was born a yr ago, something changed. I could see in his eyes pure joy and love for both our girls. He works countless hrs to have money to support our family and home and every so he spends our last vent on providing for our girls. My heart is blessed to have such an amazing man and father to our children. He makes our family complete." Keep being a great dad to your young ladies Dee! We salute you!

  • Meet August 11th's Dad, Dana Moore!!

    Dana was nominated by his 16-year-old daughter, Tatiana! She says, "I just met my dad when I was 12 and this my first time living with him for 11 months now the bond we have is so amazing I love him and thank God everyday for him!!" Better late than never, keep being a great dad to Tati!!

  • Meet August 4th's Dad, Matthew Ahr!!

    Matthew is the father of 2 kids, Kadan (8 years old) & Lily (4 years old). He was nominated by his wife Heather, who says "I am nominating my husband for his dedication and fighting spirit. He has put what he wants aside and put his family first.
    A) He has made a 6 hour trip at least every other weekend, out of state then back, to pick his son up. For awhile it was an 8-9 hour trip. Unless there is a physical reason, he doesn't let his emotions or schedule stop him from making sure he is present in our, but his son's life.
    B) Our daughter, at 10 months old, was diagnosed with severe retinoblastoma. We had noticed a white glow in pictures, and finally she was blind in one eye. This cancer grows quickly, her left eye was removed, and there were many scares that it was in her brain or her spine. We never knew how it would end up. This involved trips to Philadelphia as well as driving to get Kadan in Meadville, PA then Columbus, OH. He would almost always insist on doing the driving. He would remember all the details, to the point of calling out staff if something was mixed up. She is doing very well today. He did his best to make sure I was able to get through my low points, stepping up when I was having a severe panic attack at the end. He pushed through any tension and works on making sure Kadan doesn't feel he has a broken home. He makes our daughter feel powerful. He encourages me.
    He is a genuine fighter for his kids and me. If there is a kid who looks up to him, he makes sure to include them and be a father figure. He is determined and a prayerful, faithful, loving person. I couldn't want a better husband and father to our kids.

    Currently we moved to Pittsburgh for all the driving we do, but we will always represent Buffalo. (Don't worry, he is still raising Buffalo Bills/Sabres Fans in the Pitt." Keep being an amazing father Matthew!!!

  • Meet July 28th's Dad, Demetrius Bradley!!

    Demetrius is dad to 4 children, Zy'Dan-5, Zyaah'-3, Zy'Layaah-2 and Zy'Lynn 7-months! He was nominated by Brittany , who says "Demetrius is the true definition of a 365 Father. From working 40+ hours a week, to cooking, cleaning and helping me with laundry, to helping raise the kids, attending doctors appointments when I'm not available! He deserves a Happy Father's Day everyday! He is the best to walk this Earth. I wanna thank him for taking on this role at 28-years-old. We wanna let him know we love and appreciate him. He has raised the bar high for the young fathers of our generation. Shout out to our king of the castle!" Keep being a great dad D!!

  • Meet July 21st's Dad, Anthony Cook!!

    Anthony is the father of 2 children, a 16-year-old daughter and 4-year-old son! Christina , who nominated him says, "He is such an amazing father to our 2 children,I couldn't ask for a better man to raise our children with. He works tirelessly to provide for them and spends as much time as he can with his family..he is the true definition of a dad!!" Today, we salute Anthony for being a great dad!!


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